Video advertising play important roles within your digital media marketing portfolio. Our team leverages these formats to bring your target audience closer to your brand in an engaging and measurable way.

Key Approach

  • Custom Sponsorships
  • Ad Network Management
  • Demand-Side Platform
  • Advanced Targeting
  • KPI Measurement and Optimization


Video advertising is a great way of branding. Five seconds of video are capable of conveying much more information than any banner or article. With the help of videos, you can improve customer loyalty and convince your clients to make a purchase.
Video advertising is effective, if you know how to work with it. Just like other types of visual advertising, videos are great tools for both direct and indirect sales (through brand development, brand awareness, increase of customer loyalty).
Much like with other online ad buying, targeting capabilities vary among networks and publishers, but they do exist. Find out how the targeting is determined and delivered, however.
Only assumptions and intuitive understanding of the dynamics of sales / visitors. YouTube and Google collect statistics so you can calculate the return on investment.
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