Today’s threat landscape is dynamic. Even major names in the Industry - Yahoo, Facebook, Adobe, eBay, Uber, FedEx - have had security breaches that has led to a loss of billions for the companies. With unprecedented changes and additions in technologies, global firms face huge challenges in making their security more invincible.

At Torus Tech Co., we draw on our deep expertise of a large pool of experienced security professionals to offer security solutions that address the key challenges faced by enterprises today. Our security services aim to improve the agile, flexible and cost effective solutions for all your security needs. We ensure a holistic risk driven approach for organizations with our solutions.

We provide end-to-end security solutions — from expert advisory services to fully managed security operations

Security Solution

We can implement an integrated, enterprise-wide approach to protecting your enterprise, systems, endpoints, users, processes, applications and data effectively. We provide greater choices in implementing digital technologies, including cloud, mobility and advanced analytics. Our security solutions ensure that your organisation is as secure and protected as it needs to be.

Our security consultation services include:

  • Strategical solution recommendations to design, build and run the optimal security program for your organization
  • Security architecture and implementation consultancies that help you to provide maximum value for your security projects
  • Best practice deployment guidance that is the best fit for your needs
  • Risk and compliance services advises that leverage risk and compliance strategies to help make your organization more secure and resilient
  • Threat and vulnerability management services guidance that provide you full expertise on how to identify threats, rectify vulnerabilities and solve specific security challenges
  • Information security consulting from experts that can help you quickly move from crisis to continuity with regards to malware
  • Access management services guidance to ensure your network is accessed only by trusted people and devices