About Sicagen

Sicagen is a publicly traded enterprise with diverse interests across multiple domains in India and South East Asia. Basically, an industrial giant with several fields of operations. Understandably, organizing meetings on a regular basis involving stakeholders, management and employees can become a chaotic and intimidating process to execute. This is where Quorum comes to the rescue.

Business Challenge

To create a paperless meeting solution that helps save money on printing costs and one that helps meet sustainability targets as well. Hence arose the need to create a process that could automate and execute all large scale board meetings while maintaining the right balance of confidentiality and transparency.



We wanted to create a solution that could be available across all platforms such as Web, iOS and Android as well as one that would hold good with the Company Secretary Compliance Standard. And we did just that. We took it a notch higher and made Quorum customizable which means it can be programmed to fit the guidelines of any kind of meeting in any kind of organization no matter the scale of operations.



Quorum helps facilitate live video conferences for group meetings, even through remote attendance to avoid any distance barriers.


It also includes several features to simplify preparations for meetings such as uploading and exporting official documents, generating reports, customizing agenda documents, cue sheets, problem resolutions and more.


In order to offer an end-to-end solution, we even took care of post meeting requirements by offering the option of sharing Minutes of Meetings with all attendees/participants.