Business Challenge

The UI/UX of the Mobile App was not reflecting the unique nature of the idea. It needed a major makeover to boost its user-friendliness quotient.

Though the Mobile App has an exciting use case of bringing multiple social networks under one window, there was no revenue model.

Pyxsee needed a growth partner who could envision the Founder’s goals for the app and translate them to reality with its own secret ingredients.



We did a complete UI/UX re-haul for the iOS/Android Mobile App and brought all the social media channels at one place without compromising on the user experience.

By introducing smart dashboards based on the individual’s social media usage, the app moved from being just a usability app into a productivity app.

As the productivity angle of the app was embraced by the target segment, offering productivity to dependents of the users was introduced as a pro feature with parental controls resulting in a revenue stream for the App.