Mobile advertising can help you reach your audience through the devices and services that connect them to their worlds. Consumers are attached to their mobile devices – it’s how they communicate with family, friends, and colleagues, and stay current with the news and networks they care about. Mobile advertisements like mobile banner ads provide a unique opportunity to connect with consumers on a personal level, with ads that reflect their on-the-go need states and moments of decision. Through Torus Tech, mobile advertising is precise and powerful, with the ability to target by demographics, location, device, and behavior across mobile devices. These mobile ads allow targeting, tracking and reporting of impressions in ways not possible with other alternatives.

Key Approach

  • Creative showcasing of your business
  • Location-based ads
  • AD campaigns management with successful techniques
  • Continual adjustment, proactive testing, with refinement of ad designs
  • Complete management of mobile ads for getting the best from your campaigns


The fastest-growing population in online advertising, without a doubt, is the mobile device segment. In the past few years, mobile advertising has shifted from an opportunity for forward-thinking advertisers to a vital component of most accounts. As the user experience becomes more holistic (encompassing computers, traditional media, word of mouth and mobile devices), it will become more and more important to close that loop for constant engagement.
This really boils down to your overall business, industry, site design and capabilities, and most importantly, your marketing goals. If you are purely an online business, and your site is fully responsive or optimized for mobile, the advertising approach may be very similar across devices. On the other hand, if you have brick-and-mortar locations, value phone calls, encourage app downloads, or have a very different mobile website, your strategies and goals should reflect these different objectives. Torus tech always takes a holistic view of campaigns and has helped many clients develop creative solutions for mobile challenges – like shortening lead forms and tracking goals such as store locator visits, mobile email captures, app downloads, and mobile wish list registrations
Mobile ad formats can take many different forms, from simple text ads to interactive rich media ads. Torus Tech recommends beginning one’s efforts in mobile search, where the environment – and any given search engine results page – is strictly limited to text ads. These ads closely resemble text ads in the desktop landscape. The most important thing to remember when developing mobile ads is that, like desktop ads, it’s vital to continually test your ads so that you’re always looking for ways to make improvements.
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