Instagram is a fun photo-based social network. Like Facebook and Twitter, when it was first introduced, Instagram was largely unpopulated by businesses. Eventually evolving into a business game changer, it's free and visual based model provide endless opportunities for consumer engagement and brand building.

Key Approach

  • Trending hashtags for your content
  • High Quality Photos for better reaching
  • Building community for your product or services
  • Increase branding awareness
  • Interacting with new & existing customers


Instagram lets users take photos, caption them, and then share them across social media platforms. You can use filters and other aspects, and generally capitalise on the platform’s speed and efficiency to create a branding effort through images online.
Using Instagram allows you to present a certain side of your business to your customers and prospects. What you present on Instagram is a visual story, showing behind the scenes at your offices, for example. Over time, you can use the platform to build up a level of trust and familiarity that pushes your branding message forward a lot more powerfully than it might on other platforms. Consider it a very visual and sophisticated version of a company brochure, and one that is online.
As a small business, you are actually in a better position than large businesses. You know your company inside out and you live it every day. Large companies have a disconnect here and there in the day-to-day running of the operation. There are more managers and assistant managers, as well as different departments. A small business can instantly share meaningful and attractive photos of stuff that matters to them. Through this comes the businesses’ brand, and it can be very attractive.
A business must truly be ready for Instagram before it jumps in and gets involved. For one thing, the person who is in charge of the Instagram account must have a phone with a good camera on it. If they’re expected to be moving around the office taking photos, they have to have the basic technical capabilities required.
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