Do you have a vision?

No, not like the kid in sixth sense, we mean a tech-product! You could have a core business problem seeking resolution Or at the genesis of an idea that seeks flawless execution like a Chrysalis seeking transformation!

When you come to us, we calibrate our nodes. Yes, much like the dude in Avatar and his ride! .. and set off on figuring the right way forward.

Finding your tech concoction

"We'll help you find your Phi! What is phi, you ask? It’s the Golden Ratio. The Greeks believed that all beauty is mathematics, and the Golden ratio is the mathematical representation of all inherent perfection in nature."

Figuring out your Awesomesauce

Ever stick your nose on a ice cream parlour window? you might not come to us with a fully formed idea of what you want, but be assured, when you come to us we'll make you the best ice cream cone ever! Needless to say, if you know you want an 'ice cream sandwich' (wink:Android), we'd be happy to make you one.


We are quite 'Forrest Gump' in our approach (read:honest and forthright). We use mutual NDA's to protect innovation and our methods of execution. We also deploy strict internal security measures to secure and assign your intellectual property.

Human Tech Tickers

Our passion for tech drives us, so if there's a tech release / headline somewhere, we've probably read it. We like piling up our arsenal of tools to explore as we innovate for you! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Medium to see some of our posts.

RAPID execution is our forte!

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a 'hockey stick' curve or prepping for a growth spurt, who needed your project done yesterday? Well, we might just have a time machine.