Sometimes, one size doesn't fit all

Most people are familiar with popular content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and the likes. While these solutions may work for some applications, it is important to be aware that one size doesn't always fit all scenarios! When you are creating your website, customize your content management system as well to your liking and needs using HELM.


Update your Website/App on your own terms


Let’s say you wanted to quickly add a new piece of content or image to one of your web pages. Cut out the middle man and use HELM, your customized content management system, to update and edit the content of your website. Gain the ability to make your website more dynamic, more to-the-minute, and more valuable to your visitors.

Set HELM to your comfort.

Customize your CMS to your comfort! No HTML knowledge? - no problem! We can create CMS with a basic editor which will only require you to have the knowledge of creating a simple document in Microsoft Word. Want to update directly as HTML? We can customize HELM for that too.


Mobile App Analytics


Monitor all events happening in your app in a single platform. Capture all interactions, data and even crashes happening in your app. Make your app more effective and gain rich data on how users interact with your content with robust analytics. Store interaction data and activity data and upgrade your app based on real user data. Generate real-time reports for all analytics and instantly view detailed analytics of the app in smart dashboards.



Features of HELM



Instantly See What’s Hot And What’s Not. No more guessing where the visitors are clicking. You'll know precisely what visitors are doing on your site so you can make changes with confidence. Make the right decision with the right information.


SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging - Use HELM to manage your marketing strategy. We can customize HELM to include everything you need to implement an integrated online marketing strategy.

Media Management

Upload any rich media - be it images, videos or GIFs - on your website and mobile apps without any hassle. Just 2 clicks and Presto! Your preferred media is available on your website and mobile apps for the world to see.

Slider Management

Does your website have a lot of pages with sliding images? Manage everything under one roof and be at peace! You don’t need a middle man to do it for you. Change the slider/carousel images as per your liking.

Blog Management

Managing your blog has never been more easier! Have a blogpost ready to go? Just post it using the blog management module of HELM and in a matter of seconds your blogpost will be up. A smooth and organised way to manage your blogs - have all the control you want and manage it on your own.

Contact Management

A single platform to manage all your contact/support messages from your website. Just sit back and sip a cup of coffee while you see the HELM manage your contacts and support messages like a piece of cake!

And Much More!

With HELM, there are no restrictions. You name it and we can tailor-fit HELM to your needs.