Manage your vendors

Greenlit is a one stop solution to all your vendor management and purchase requisition blues. It simplifies the way purchase orders are processed and streamlines the internal vendor management system.

By allowing you to add and connect with various external vendors, queuing and tracking purchase orders along with getting the necessary approvals, Greenlit is exactly what your business needs.

Seeking Approvals

By design, Greenlit is a dynamic model with a user-friendly interface that supports small, large and fast growing business with primary focus on scalability and security.

Approvals, which are key to the purchase requisition process, can be easily managed by adding or removing different layers of approvers and fixing authorized purchase order cost ranges.

Back-End Support

  • Regularly Monitoring process flow, system operations and the list of approved/rejected purchase orders

  • Integration with internal company HRMS for login credentials that allows quick access to manager/ supervisor for approvals and employee information.

  • Integration to internal company legal management system through API to cover legal/ accounting requirements

  • Web admin panel to set up approvers (managers/supervisors) by department

  • A dashboard for the legal department to approve legal conditions of purchase requisitions.

Work flow


Attractive, minimalistic and user-friendly. Check out the user-interface and screengrabs from the Greenlit app and learn how you can transform your business with just a tap on an app!