Facebook ads are proving a great success for small-mid businesses, local businesses/stores, retails, restaurants-pubs as well as major corporate houses. Corporate houses are using facebook ads for branding while for small and medium companies, the facebook platform is serving well to promote & sell their product or services. Even if you are a business house with local offering such as educational institution or dance academy, Facebook ads can do the right magic for you by magnetising the targeted users of your locality.

Key Approach

  • Higher Click-Through Rate
  • Dedicated to Lead Generation
  • Believe to achieve marketing goals faster
  • 100% results Oriented


Facebook advertising allows businesses to promote custom ads or content targeting a specific audience, with costs varying based on the reach and engagement the ad receives. Facebook ads can appear in your target audience’s NewsFeed or right column of Facebook. When you advertise on Facebook, you’ll gain insight about your current and potential customers. The data you collect through Facebook ads allows you to improve your ad targeting for a more efficient and effective advertising experience.
Absolutely. Facebook advertising can be one of the best ways to drive targeted, potential customers through the front door of any business but especially a retail business. You can focus your advertising so that it’s only seen by people in your targeted area with a real interest in the products or services you’re offering. That’s hugely efficient and incredibly powerful!
Facebook allows advertisers to send traffic to external websites and to internal Facebook Pages. Facebook has shifted its recommendation from sending to other Facebook Pages to directing users back to your website. As long as your website is capable of tracking actions, Torus Tech Co. supports sending users back to your website to fill out a contact form or complete a purchase.
It will only cost as much as you’re willing to invest. However, if you’re just beginning to advertise on Facebook, start with a low budget. A great way to test advertising on Facebook is to set a low budget of about $15-$25/day and allow it to run for 3-5 days. This will give you just enough data to see how your audience is truly responding to the ads and allow you to make smarter decisions when optimizing your campaign.
The Facebook conversion tracking code can be used to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook Advertising campaigns and quantify the return on your advertising investment. It tracks the actions of people who click on your Facebook Ads and provides reports on the actions taken by those website visitors. You can track common objectives such as sales, revenue, leads, and more. Torus Tech will guide you in the implementation process and leverage Google Analytics and other tools to provide a holistic assessment of your Facebook Advertising efforts.
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