Email Marketing is the newest and most controversial method for sending self-promotion information to your current and prospective clients. As important a tool as it can be, it can also add to the flood of spam your clients are receiving.

Key Approach

  • Planning Email Campaign
  • Collecting target group data
  • Setting up the database
  • Defining the emailing concept
  • Producing the contents
  • Emailing set-up
  • Email blast
  • Avoid Spam
  • Design Criteria
  • Evaluate Results


Email Marketing is a powerful marketing tool used by small businesses, non-profits and enterprises to help them efficiently communicate with their existing customers and new prospects. Email marketing can be used to meet numerous business objectives including establishing your brand, keeping your customers coming back with new products, specials and promotions, cultivating your relationships, driving ongoing sales and ultimately creating loyalty.
A common misconception is that email marketing is no longer important or useful as a marketing tool. Here’s some interesting facts about email marketing:
  • 94% of people who are online use email at least once per week.
  • 88% check email daily.
  • 50% of consumers make purchases as a direct result of email.
Never! You should never buy email lists but instead using those who actually use your product.
There is no easy answer because the price is dependant on what the customer goals are.
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