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Balance is key to a productive mind. Yoga sessions by our COO is sure to rid you of that coding induced brain drain

Goal linked bonuses

We thrive on knowledge. So ask us about our bonus packages and how you can learn your way to getting one!

Yummy home-made meals

On the house! Literally. See you at lunch. It’s a date.

Workshops & Meet-Ups

We’re like kids in a candy shop. We’re convinced that every time we blink, we’re missing an exciting new tech development so we are constantly on the lookout to find something new to obsess over!

Personal Health and Fitness

It doesn’t hurt that our senior management consists of a former MMA/Yoga instructor and Health & Nutrition expert who runs a popular health & wellness website. (Yeah, sick leaves aren’t a real thing here!)

cool _tool_library
Cool Tool Library

This is where we proudly display all our new findings. Helping you to find more efficient ways to complete your tasks.

24 _days _off
24 day leaves per year

Yes, you get to have a life outside of work! In fact, we recommend it.

Free Laptops

Our focus has always been on getting the job done so we allow remote work access in case you just can’t make it into work for the day.

Monthly Team Outings

Our monthly team excursions where it’s 50% planning ahead and 50% making fun of each other’s new look of the season. 100% fun!

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Mean Stack Developer – Chennai

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DevOps Engineer – Chennai

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