We build extensions for all your favorite browsers.

Browser extension for desktop
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Extension integration with search engines
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Why does your website need a browser extension


Enhances website navigability

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Boosts user engagement


Increases conversion rate

What kind of extensions can be made for your website?


Extensions for news sites and blogs

Do you have a website where the content is updated frequently? We can create an extension to enhance the features of your RSS feed which will keep users up to date on the latest and most popular posts.

Search your website

Provide your users with the option of searching your site without even having to open the actual website’s page.


Quick navigation

Allow users to quickly navigate to any page or section of your website using their browser extension.

Extension for portal websites

Does your website act as a portal to other sites? An extension will notify your users when visiting sites with which you are affiliated.

Facilitate the seamless flow of information from your website directly to your users. Show what’s happening on your website with the notifications and engage your users like never before.

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Browser notifications

Web push notifications are messages that come from your website and alert your site visitors on their desktop even when the website is not open on the browser. All that the user needs to do is to subscribe to notifications from your website when prompted.

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Attract your site visitors without intruding upon their privacy, or requiring them to submit their email and other contact details.

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Get real-time alerts on your browser and your users will never ever miss out on anything new on your website again.

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Facilitate seamless flow of information from your website directly to your users. Show what’s happening on your website with the notifications and captivate their interest in your website even more.