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5 Questions to Ask before you pick your SEO Team

Written by Sundaresan Sekar - 26 Dec 2017 3 minutes read

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day that translates to around 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

It is imperative for your business to be ranked in the first half of the first page of the search engine. (When was the last time you had to scroll to the bottom of the first page to find what you wanted to? - we are guessing it was a long time ago)

You have a growing business and you are all set to find an SEO team who can hustle hard enough to put you up there for everyone to see.

This article will help you to find the right SEO team, we promise.

Before we dive deep, here are the red flags you can keep an eye out for.

  1. They promise you a position on Page 1

  2. They promise you a position on Page 1 in a short period of time

  3. They share a quote without doing an SEO audit of your website

  4. They do not dive into the details of what’s their plan of action

  5. You read directory submissions in their proposal

  6. Unlimited Keywords promise

Let’s look at how to choose the right SEO provider.

1. Ask them their start point with the SEO Project

If their plan of action starts from the SEO Audit of your website, you can smile. SEO Audit is a key process that will forge the way forward for your SEO journey. While we share a comprehensive SEO audit report along with our proposal, some firms do it after you sign the dotted line. But SEO Audit is clearly the starting point

2. Ask for References

There is a reason why ratings and reviews exist for movies, restaurants,
and dogs (@dog_rates). Our decisions are just a continuation of the experiences of others. If the firm is happy to share references and case studies, it is a great sign of their confidence and ability.

Have they worked in your industry?

Have they worked with your competitors?

How do they rate themselves in the market?

(We use Clutch to flaunt our reviews. Check it out here)

3. Ask them about their Plan and Reporting Routines

This is a perfect opportunity to share their stories, experiences, what works for them and what didn’t and great SEO teams jump on it happily. You might even receive sample SEO reports with the metrics they concentrate on. It will help you to gauge how updated and relevant their practices are.

4. Ask them about how aligned their works would be with your Brand Identity

A brand is more than just a visual representation of an organization. Every word on the website, every tweet on the social channels is a subset of the brand.

Content is King and Context is Queen and when they do good together, your kingdom will flourish.

Your SEO efforts have to tie into your marketing initiatives. If they have executed SEO projects working closely with content marketing teams of their clients, they will be able to share relevant examples.

If they spend time understanding your position and positioning in the market, your competition and competitiveness in the industry, your USPs, your short term and long term marketing and sales goals and your digital marketing history, you have got yourself a winner.

Do they have the bandwidth to create new content or prefer working with the existing one?

Will they be creating landing pages?

Do they have Inbound Marketing experts on their team?

5. Thinking beyond Google

Google is the largest search engine, no doubt. But Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest are also upping their search engine functionalities.

Depending on your industry, it is important to zero down on the search platforms you will be concentrating on, apart from Google.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa should also be on the radar as the searches fulfilled by them every day is steadily increasing. If your prospective SEO team touches upon their strategies in these emerging networks, you have got yourself a right match.

Let us know your experiences of picking your SEO team in the comments. If you want to check all the boxes featured above, reach out to us.

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