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Why Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Written by Saravana Kumar - 20 Sep 2017 3 minutes read

It is the market’s deepening obsession with digital technology that makes a digital marketing strategy absolutely critical for small businesses. Without such a strategy your business is likely missing out on new customers, increased business, greater operational efficiencies, enhanced return on investment in advertising and promotions, and much more.

Formulating your digital marketing strategy is the first step towards understanding how your business can benefit from new marketing techniques, how it can impact the relationship between your business and your customers and help you to reach new customers online.

1 – It gives you proper approach and direction:

After implementing your campaign, you can see the direct outcomes and results via analytics (Google, Woorank etc) and data, unlike traditional marketing where data can be harder to collect. This allows you to see what exactly went wrong or right. It also enables you to see where improvements may be needed. In short, digital marketing (when done correctly) can show you what your business’ next step should be and what results you can expect.

2 - It makes you understand your targeted audience:

Many analytical tools allow you to see who exactly is viewing your digital marketing campaigns, give you some additional information about them and how they interact with your websites and online content. For example, Google Analytics can show you many different things about your audience from gender, age, location and even specific interests, audiences from country, city, locals, real time analytics, keywords searches for your website, etc. This can help you tailor your campaigns more towards the interests of your target customers.

3 - Ahead of your competitors:

If you haven’t got a clear vision for the future and, as a result, aren’t devoting sufficient resources to your digital marketing or are using an ad-hoc approach with no coherent strategy, then you’re going to fall behind. To avoid such situations, Digital Marketing is the best solution for keeping you alive and ahead of other competitors if you successfully do and follow the digital marketing plan and strategy of your business.  Even if your competitor is selling a better product at a lower price, you can still win. Every competing company has weak points — places where your brand can outperform. Things like domestic customer service or extended guarantees on a product can go a long way if done right. Additionally, digital marketing is more frequent and consistent. So even if a customer doesn’t convert the first time, it is more likely that they will the second or third time they see your campaign.

4 - It creates your brand’s identity and values:

Through online public relations strategies, you develop your business message and core values. You also ensure that you’re consistently conveying these messages and values to your audience. Without digital marketing, your audience may lose affinity with your product.

5 - It helps you decide on the most appropriate online channels:

There are a lot of online platforms you can use to promote your product and make it accessible to customers. While you can use multiple channels, not all channels may be appropriate for your brand or audience. Pinterest, for instance, is a great tool if you’re targeting women as customers. You also have the option of using e-commerce sites. Knowledge on digital marketing can help you decide on the best distribution channels for your product.

6 - It establishes your online reputation:

You’re sure to reap more benefits as you update yourself on innovative digital marketing techniques and become consistent with marketing your brand online. You can’t build a brand in an instant. You have to know the latest internet marketing strategies and at the same time, continue creating articles, features, and mentions about your company. Over time, you’ll see that all your hard work will translate to more online information about your brand, leading to the increased likelihood that customers will find you in the search.

The purpose of a digital marketing strategy is to clearly articulate your business’ objectives and devise effective methods whereby you can achieve these goals. There are many elements that come with a great digital marketing plan so make sure you begin planning your digital marketing with the right strategy and implement the right tools.


At Torus Tech, we often work closely with businesses who start off without any real plan when it comes to their digital output. What Torus Tech does, is create sustainable, flexible and effective strategies for business to ensure that they can stay on track when it comes to modern marketing.

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