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Essential Elements of a high converting product landing page

Written by Sundaresan Sekar - 30 Apr 2018 8 minutes read

Landing pages are everywhere. Products, Courses and Internet marketers who are tirelessly working on a beach towards making you rich - everyone uses landing pages.

Landing pages are conversion engines. The efficiency of the landing page is directly proportional to the number of leads that gets pushed into the major part of your sales funnel. Hence, it is important to create a product landing page that scores big on all fronts.

Let us look at some of the essential items your product landing page must have to increase its effectiveness.

1. What’s the product about?

Here is where a two liner or a one-liner about your product has to be included. It can be a plain vanilla product statement or you can also use wordplay. Keeping it simple, short and interesting will be beneficial.

If your product is specific to an industry, include the ‘name’ of the industry in this part so that it looks very specific to your target segment.

2. Benefits

“ Focus on the benefits and not the features. Benefits sell “

The above marketing adage is very true when it comes to product landing pages.


The top three or four benefits of your product should be listed under benefits. Your product might have over a dozen benefits but remember this is a landing page and not a benefits page.

Have a link to the benefits page where you list them all.

3. Your Customers

This is the part where you need to bring your ‘name dropping’ A-game

If you have dozens of customers, pick your ten renowned customers from the list and add their logos under this section. ( It is recommended to take their permission before you use their logos on your website)

Have 50, 100, 200. 400 or 500 or more customers, do not miss out on mentioning the number of customers. This increases the credibility of the product.

Even if you have 100 customers in the paid plan and 900 customers in the free plan, it is a wise move to just say “ Over 1000 customers love our product “. The copy is everything.

Pro Tip: If you are selling a B2C low ticket product, use an app like Beeketing to pop recent purchases to increase buyer confidence.

4. Product Explainer Video

Videos are definitely the present and future when it comes to Marketing. A quirky 60 seconds explainer video about your product can engage, inform and entertain your target segment within a minute.

There are many routes to take when it comes to video.

  1. Kickstarter type of a video with the benefits and features of the product in a story shot using professionals.

  2. Team members talking about the product they built (Especially if the team is from Ex- FANG)

  3. Animated Product Explainer that takes a story based approach to explaining the benefits of the product. You can check our showreel here.

  4. Your biggest client talking about your product and how it positively impacted their business.

Note: Product Explainer Videos has a lot of varied use cases - social media, landing page, app page on play store or app store, pitch deck, sales presentations etc

5) Testimonials

“ Humans are social animals “

There is a reason why we visit IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes before we book the tickets to the latest movies. Before we start planning a trip to a city we have never been to, we head to TripAdvisor.

We really want to know what others think about the product/service Collect testimonials from your biggest clients and put them all here. More the merrier.

If you can get a professional video testimonial shot at your client’s place, it will have a big impact on your landing page. Keep it short and sweet.

You can read what our customers have to share about working with us on Clutch and Facebook

6. Pricing

If you have a SaaS product, it is important to include your pricing plans on your landing page. It is important to have a perfect number of pricing plans.

If the number of pricing plans is less, the prospects will feel they do not have enough options to choose from. If it’s more, they might get confused as to what’s the best pricing plan for them.

Based on the pricing plans, you can include the features included in each pricing plan. It is important to include the target segment for each pricing plan.

For e.g For Freelancers, For Solopreneurs, For Startups, For Agencies, Enterprises etc.

This helps your visitors to associate themselves with a plan depending on their requirements. Pricing is one of the most important aspects of any product landing page and it is essential to split test and arrive at a combination that has the highest conversion rate.

If you have a free trial for ‘x’ number of days, assuring the users that their credit cards will only be charged after sending an email reminder the day before the trial ends will definitely give them the confidence to sign up.

7. Guarantees

If you have a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ refund or any guarantees for your product, you can include it in your pricing.

This is the logical flow as the visitors would be contemplating to choose your product and your guarantees can help them make up their mind faster.

Using words like ‘satisfaction’, ‘risk-free’, ‘full refund’, ‘no questions asked’  as a part of your guarantees will allay any fears your prospective audience might have.

8. Imagery

Based on the type of product/service, you can choose to use images on your product landing page. Make sure you are using images that are permitted to use for commercial use without attribution.

 “ Don’t judge a book by its cover “

It is a very famous idiom yet we judge a book by its cover all the time. We love visuals and it serves as the first interaction anytime.

Your brand will definitely be judged by the pictures you choose. So it is important to not use run of the mill images and choose images that reflect what you stand for.

It is also a wise move to bring a professional photographer to your office and get real shots taken of people working on projects, having fun, collaborating etc.

Tip: Some good sources for free high-quality stock pictures are Pixabay and Pexels

9. Call to Action

This is the ultimate goal of any landing page. You have to make it easier for the user to locate the ‘call to action’.

As the landing page will be a long one, it is a wise move to include the call to actions at multiple locations so that the users do not miss out on this.

While there are endless experiments that take place every day to master call to action by changing color, button type, content, placement etc, it boils down to the following checkboxes.

  • Enhanced Visibility for the CTA

  • Friendly colors contrasting the background color of the website.

  • Clear content that describes the result of the call to action to the audience before they click.

  • Having multiple calls to actions at different locations on the landing page.

  • Placing Guarantees closer to the main ‘call to action’ button.

  • Use language that is relevant to your target audience.

10. Email Capture

The typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers varies anywhere between 60% to 80%. You might wonder why we are talking about cart abandonment inside an article about landing pages

Just like how users abandon shopping carts, they can also press the dreaded close button on the browser tab and vanish without a trace. Hence, it is highly important to capture the lead through an email capture.

The email capture should not disturb the audience in any way. Just like the call-to-action, this can be present in multiple locations on the landing page.

It can take any or few of the following forms - pop up, sticky top bar, inline forms, slide-in, screen filler overlay and exit intent capture.Captured email IDs can be nurtured through the buyer’s journey through an email sequence.

11. Content

“Content is king, queen and everyone in between “

When it comes to landing pages, content plays a key role in making your audience stay on the page. It should be fresh, friendly, reassuring and also take them through your pitch in a subtle yet effective way.

The tonality of the content can be decided based on your brand and target audience. Staying true to your brand will definitely be appreciated.

You have approximately 5 to 10 seconds to get their attention and great content with decent design can help you cross the threshold comfortably.

12. FAQs

Think of your customer and come up with a list of all possible questions that they might have after going through your product landing page.

Put them all together under FAQs and keep them close to the call to action and pricing. This will help increase your conversion rates if they find answers to their questions.

It is important to sound friendly, helpful and honest in your answers and keep it consistent with the tone of the brand.

13. Customer Support

Every customer is unique and there would be chances when their questions may not be present under FAQs.

There has to be a dedicated chatbot (chatbots will always be dedicated, sorry) or a form that can take their query along with their email ID for someone from your team to get back to them asap.

Your goal should be to clarify the queries of your visitor when they are on your website as there are high chances they are not coming back or going to your competition.

It is also a wise move to add every customer query to a repository and choose to add them to FAQs to make it stronger.


To summarize, create a product page that will build credibility and trust and move your customer from one stage to another in a straight line - all within a landing page.

Need help with creating landing pages or your website, feel free to book a free consultation with us. We will be happy to help.  


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